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Are you looking to learn astrology, or learn what astrology can do to benefit your life?  Contact me for a free consultation and/or quote.  I also provide corporate speaking and/or event entertainment.  


Let me show you how astrology can benefit your business.  Ronald Reagan while president, the Dodgers, Ford and even J. P. Morgan have all used astrology to benefit their careers.  You want to pack 'em in for your next event?  Let them know an astrologer will be presenting and watch them line up to attend!  I can even show you how to time your next event to make sure you sell out all your tickets!

Not Just For Horoscopes

I personally don't believe in horoscopes.  But the power of horary astrology will truly amaze you.  I can show you how it can find lost people, pets and objects, identify thieves and killers, help you plan events for the optimum results, and answer any question you can think of.  In fact, I can tell you what your question is before you speak when you call using horary astrology.  If you'd like to learn how to do this yourself, or obtain a horary consultation, I'm the "complete astrologer" who can provide you with a horary chart, as well as any type of astrological consultation and/or training you can think of ever needing.  


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